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Moon Magick | The Full Moon

We LOVE the phases of the moon, right? Just looking at the moon outside can connect us with different parts of ourselves. The moon's phases so perfectly correspond with our own personal journeys.

(For more on the phases of the moon, feel free to check out my post about Moon Phase Magick!)

Today, let's talk about the Full Moon!

Glancing at the moon in her fullness just hits us in a certain way. The abundance and brightness of that giant round rock has such a deep impact on our magick, and there are so many types of activities we can perform during this phase.


You should start to see some of the results of the work you've been doing and the investments you've been making. Get an extra boost by calling out to the universe with the energy from the Full Moon and claim that vision of success and accomplishment! The Full Moon can help us manifest our goals.


The Full Moon is bright. As the bright light reflected off of the moon illuminates our surroundings, so too does this energy help with illuminating the unseen. Use this time to reveal those hidden messages through arts of divination like tarot, runes, bones, pendulums, etc. Journal your results and consider them over the next few days.


You can take this time to highlight the elements of your life that are no longer serving you and release them. The tail-end of the full moon, leading into the waning phases, is a PERFECT time to let go of anything detracting from your happiness and self-fulfillment.


Looking for an extra focal point during your Full Moon Magick? Check out my shop, where I often stock personal, hand-painted and written Full Moon Magick Ritual candles!

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