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Moon Phase Magick

Self-fulfillment is that elusive and wonderful point of having your ambitions and goals met. The drive for self-fulfillment motivates us to take certain actions in our lives.

The moon is basically a rock floating around in space, connected to the Earth by gravitational pull. We see the illumination of the moon by the sun, and we see the "phases" based on the amount of illumination visible to us.

Here's the thing: You don't have to be a witch to feel the magick connecting you to the moon. Just as the moon goes through phases, we go through phases in our lives. So how can we use this connection to seek self-fulfillment?

Check out the types of magick you can do during each phase of the moon below!


New Moon

During the new moon, consider activities related to self-reflection and introspection. Start a journal or meditate, for example. Also use this time to set new intentions for this Lunar Cycle.

Waxing Crescent

As the moon begins it's "waxing" (aka becoming more visible), we see the waxing crescent. During this phase, start to take action on your intentions set at the New Moon. You are putting it out into the universe that you are actively seeking something.

First Quarter

Here, the moon is half-visible. This is a great time to pause and look at the actions you have been taking to achieve your intentions. Are they working? Are you starting to see their effectiveness? If not, prepare to make some adjustments. If so, push forward! Take some time and recommit and boost your spells/magickal workings.

Waxing Gibbous

Keep confident that as long as you are maintaining the efforts during the Waxing Crescent to achieve your intentions set at the New Moon, and you've adjusted accordingly during the First Quarter, the magick put out there will deepen and continue to grow! During this phase, you can start wrapping up loose ends and relax. Get ready for the Full Moon!

Full Moon

Bright and magnificent, the Full Moon is potent! You should be seeing the manifestation of your magick and spellwork. It's time to show gratitude for what you have in your life. Celebrate with friends and revel in the abundance. The energy during a Full Moon can be intense, and you can use this time to dive into divination arts like Tarot, Runes, etc. I also recommend that folks use this time to declare what they would like to release from their lives -- anything they've collected that no longer serves them.

Personal favorite: I love writing out all the stuff I want to release from my life (thoughts, material things, people, etc), then burning the paper in a ritual. I keep the ashes and use that as a sort of banishing powder in other workings.

Waning Gibbous

The moon is now becoming less visible. After the Full Moon, take those intentions of release and start taking steps to ACTUALLY release things. Was there anything that wasn't manifested by the Full Moon? Perhaps it's time to alter your path. It's also a perfect time to start reaping the rewards of what you DID manifest. Harvest!

Third Quarter

Alright, in the Third Quarter, it's time to take another pause and reflect. This phase is a great time for forgiveness of others, but most importantly, yourself. Are there any bad habits you picked up along the way? Time to set the intention to break them. You want to start to plan out the actionable steps you can take to clear out any remaining negativity from your life.

Waning Crescent

As the moon is less and less visible, on it's way to the next Lunar Cycle at the New Moon, use the Waning Crescent to let go. Shake off everything you recognized is holding you back during the Third Quarter. Surrender yourself to your higher self and the universe around you. This is the last leg of your journey, so the goal is to let the stress melt away and recuperate.

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