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The Harvest Moon

The full moon is always an exciting time. The fullness of the moon corresponds SO well with the fullness we should be feeling in our lives. You seeing the manifestations of your efforts and energy during the waxing phase the moon just left. We are talking abundance and harvest -- and that's where the September moon gets her nickname: The Harvest Moon!

We should be reminded of what we are given, of our hard work paying off. Gratitude is important during this time.

As usual, the potency of a full moon should move us to use our divination practices (tarot, runes, pendulum, etc). Additionally, use the full magick of this bountiful moon phase to lend focus to cleansing the tools you use. Set out your cards, stones, altar items, and more, and let them bask in the glow of the moon.

Realize though -- the moon's energy pierces through everything. Even in the most indoor or hazy weather circumstances... if you can feel it, it has impact.

So enjoy this Harvest Moon as she readies us for the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon) and the darker part of the year.

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