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Wheel of the Year: Summer Solstice

Midsummer, Litha, the Summer Solstice…there are many traditions and ways to celebrate this season, but they center on this theme:

This is the longest day of the year, and the midpoint of summer.

I live in Texas, so it’s also one of the HOTTEST, longest days of the summer (and no, that’s not a challenge to the universe).


Celebrating Summer Solstice

If you’re looking for some fun and magickal ways to celebrate this point in our year (over the next few days), check out these rituals/practices/activities:


Enjoy outdoor water activities.

The warmer/hotter weather calls us to hit up our local pools or watering holes. Go kayaking, paddleboarding, find a boat, host or find a pool party, etc. Or....just turn on your sprinklers and be a kid again!

Cooling off is a great way to soak up that summer sun while staying as cool as possible. Don't forget to hydrate!


Honor the sun with outdoor fun.

After the longest day of the year, the days will begin to get shorter until December’s Winter Solstice. Why not take this time and appreciate the sun’s dominion in the sky. It gives our gardens and nature sustaining energy, and it warms our earth.

Here is a perfect opportunity to gather for summer BBQs and cookouts, picnics, brewery trips, outdoor games, etc.


Dance around a bonfire/campfire.

Depending on your local burn ban announcements, reflect the sun’s energy by lighting your own fires. I mean, it’s the perfect time to dance around a fire with your witchy pals, and end the evening with a s’more or two!


Connect with summertime deities.

If you work with deities or their symbology in any capacity, spend some time researching the gods/goddesses of the summer. This may introduce you to some new parts to your own path.


Set intentions for the rest of the year.

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day, and as the light slowly fades, now is your chance to start writing out and claiming intentions before the end of the summer. Meditate and chart out what you want to see for the next months.


Perform divination magick.

The impact of these seasonal shifts in our world can open us to a stronger connection to our inner and intuitive selves, making this a wonderful time for divination practices. Get out your tarot/oracle deck, grab that pendulum, throw those bones — use the energy of this solstice to embrace your intuition.


Whatever way you want to honor this time of year, go for it! Magick is unique and special for each of us, and you have the power to reap the benefits.

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