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Plant Magick | Repotting Syngonium Albo

Sometimes, plants outgrow their homes. When you start to see roots poking through the holes of the pot (or even out of the top!), it's time to upgrade the pot size.

This Syngonium Albo (Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum) was definitely ready for a bigger home!

There are a couple of things to ask yourself before repotting a plant.

Does it NEED to be repotted?

Before jumping into repotting, take note of a couple of things about your plant:

  • Roots

  • Leaves

  • Watering needs


If you are seeing roots poke through the holes of your nursery pot... that plant is seeking something it may not have access to within its current restraints (water, nutrients, space).

You can also squeeze the sides of the pot, and if you can feel the roots pushing up against the side, your Syngonium may need more space!


Are your leaves yellowing? Well, that could be a million different things -- overwatering/underwatering, lack of nutrients, light issues, etc.

If the roots are not a part of this, then you likely don't need to repot.

Watering needs

If you are finding yourself needing to water a WHOLE lot more than in the past, it's likely the plant needs more moisture and there isn't enough room for the current potting medium to maintain moisture long enough.

Okay, so time to repot? What will you use?

I use moss for this one, making sure to use a dilute liquid fertilizer every time I water, so I added more of that to the base before re-planting it.

You can use a ton of different substrates, as long as you balance the moisture and nutrient needs according to the unique type of medium:

  • Water: Yes, some plants can survive for a long time in just water.

  • Moss: Sphagnum is great, but note that you will likely have to water more often than soil.

  • Soil: You can use a bunch of different soil mixes to grow your plants. Just be cautious of over-watering.

How do you know it worked?

Keep an eye on your repotted plant over the next week or two. Take a picture of the leaves and note any changes to the health of the overall plant.


Ok, that's all! I look forward to more growth from my amazing Syngonium Albo pal, and wish happy thoughts for all as we grow closer and closer to Spring!

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