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Moon Phase | New Moon 10/06/21

The light from the moon has faded, and we have now reached the New Moon! How can we explore this phase of the moon? How does it relate to our search for self-fulfillment?

The new moon urges us to introspect and set new intentions. Reflect on your life and your personal path, including the people around you and your behavior patterns. Are they still serving you?

If not, set some new intentions to focus on what you want from those parts of your life. Do you want to change? Do you want to recommit to a certain part of your life? Do you want to start something completely new?

Your goal should be to manifest these intentions, declaring your desire to pursue them!

To help, consider doing the following:

  1. Meditate. Whether through your own practice or even guided, meditation offers you a focused opportunity to dive into your true intentions. Play some light music, light some candles/incense, get comfortable, etc.

  2. Journal. When considering your intentions and the new things you want to start working toward, write them down! Jotting down your thoughts and desires can help you mentally and subconsciously commit to them.

  3. Perform a Ritual. The focus and declared intentions are a fantastic start. You can also consider using a ritual and shellwork to further cement these intentions with your higher self.

Remember. with Magick, intention is everything, and follow-through is the rest!

So enjoy this New Moon and set out on your path toward self-fulfillment!

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