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EVENT | ARCANA Witches Market

Magick Rising's first vendor event is coming up on Sunday, October, 10, 2021, starting at 7:00 p.m. CT:

If you love the curious and weird and interesting, and you're in the Austin area, check out this event! From the host:

"Art, fashion, music, and spirituality form the structure of Arcana, whose sole purpose is to create a space where guests can experience the unknown. Come out and have your tarot read, learn some practical magic, support local Austin artists, and maybe even intermingle with some sideshow performers."


So what is Magick Rising doing there?

I will be offering Tarot readings in two ways:

Card of the Day

A single Card of the Day provides you with specialized, focused insight. Each card in the Rider–Waite tarot deck offers an opportunity to dive into the imagery and symbolism, truly being able to connect the meaning of the card to your personal journey.

In-Person Readings Only

When you draw a Card of the Day in person, you get to KEEP that card! It's a gift; something to take with you and continue to explore.

What about the rest of the deck?: As Cards of the Day are drawn and gifted, there are less and less cards to potentially draw. This means that the cards that remain are more and more focused on the person who happens upon the deck.


A classic 3-card pull in many tarot decks, the Past-Present-Future reading provides an opportunity for a timeline of introspection. THE PAST: What sorts of influences and personal patterns have you been through? What lessons can you learn from the past that impact your present and future? THE PRESENT: What are you going through right now? What parts of your present life are holding power over you (subconscious or not)? There are opportunities and obstacles facing you. THE FUTURE: Where are you heading? What type of future do you want? What do you want?

When you receive a Past-Present-Future reading in person, your introspection may benefit from an additional focal point. As a gift (and while supplies last), you can choose a baby plant or cutting, each raised and grown and nourished with specific intention, related to the elements. This is a gift; something to take with you and continue to grow.


I'll see you there!!!

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