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About Me

Check out some of the details below about me, Amanda! Feel free to use the "Contact Me" form to ask me any additional questions.

My name is Amanda, and I'm a 36-year-old witch from Austin, TX. I've been practicing witchcraft for 14 years, and I have found a lot of fulfillment in this very personal practice.

My hobbies include plant care, gardening, cooking, gaming (especially Dungeons & Dragons), crafting, fire spinning (when I can), and hanging out with my dog, Tahlia!

I started Magick Rising in 2021 as a way to share some of the lessons I've learned and the magick I've come to enjoy.


In the beginning of 2020, I picked up the gardening hobby, and I've never looked back! After that, I began adopting houseplants. Now... I have 100s of plants and love to help others learn how to care for their plants.



I've been practicing Tarot for over a decade, but began studying with intent to provide the service for the past 5 years. I use the Rider–Waite–Smith/Rider-Waite/etc style of Tarot deck when I read for folks.

I love reading Tarot for people, because I know how much it helps me on my personal journey. Though Tarot is no substitute for professional mental services, it certainly provides a level of self-reflection and introspection useful in day-to-day life.

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